1. animauxing:

    Who’s that girl, Mayor?

    Oh, her? She’s nobody important. It’s best that you don’t get involved with her. 
    And whatever you do, don’t let her touch you.

  2. noodlesandbeef:

    Made some new flags, these are my favorite yet. .. trying a new technique

  3. wolves-whales-and-waves:




    Dragon Snake (Xenodermus javanicus)

    The sexiest snake that could ever exist in this world. I mean. LOOK AT THIS SNAKE.
    *I’ve looked these guys up in previous years when I first came across them, and they haven’t become any less interesting to me.

    Precious nubbin covered friend noodle.

    How the hell could I not have known about these beautiful noodles?!

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  4. yebbi-gongju:


    Just because

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  7. glumshoe:



    This was my chemistry professor.

    no, that’s your chemistry wizard

    #or maybe he’s a warlock #or a sorcerer #or an enchanter people call Tim

    the thing is, his name really is Tim

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  9. tempurafriedhappiness:

    Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

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  10. animals-riding-animals:

    bird riding sheep

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