1. At the beach yesterday!

  2. jadethemerman:

    Ew it’s a bug

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  4. ociu:

    Lionsgate released some haunting teaser posters for the upcoming, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

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  5. fairchildart:

    Miniature glassware by Winesiam 

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  6. Transparent
    Tan Sesame
    Red Sesame
    Black and Tan


    Just some Shibas.

    Originally did a tan sesame for my personal blog to represent my Shiba, and decided to do the other colors.

    I think I’m gonna use them for shirt designs.

  7. insanityraptor:

    My half of a flat art trade with noisechannelrocker 
    Both of our hellhound characters; Hellwoof on the left, and Scooter on the right. Scooter is mine.

    Might shade and highlight this one of these days.


  8. thewheelsonthebusgofuckyourself:

    hi i wanna practice my art soooo everyone who reblogs this by saturday the 25th gets a character based on their blooog yay

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  9. iguanamouth:

    something about memories

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  10. that level beyond

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